• Samuel De Sira

Whistler Train Wreck Trail


Difficulty: Easy

Endurance Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 4.5km

Type: Out & Back

Time: 1-2 hour

Elevation Gain: 78m

The Whistler Train Wreck trail is one of the more popular destinations for visitors to trek for good reason. An easy to find trail that offers one of the more unique experiences offered in Whistler (and that's saying something), this trail is a must.

The trail leads you to the site of a derailed train from the 1950's, with boxcars still present. Now covered in street art, which is actively promoted and endorsed (artists are often at times invited to leave their own style on the boxcars), the train wreck provides visitors with not only a unique exhibition of grafitti, but the ability to explore the boxcars inside and out.

You can climb on top of some of the cars and gain a great view of the scattered wreckage along the forest floor. You will notice wooden ramps leading off the top of some of the boxcars too which is used for mountain biking!

As well as being a unique landmark for street art and exploration, the forest and canyon leading up to the wreckage site is also a wonderful trek, accessible for all skill levels and ages. The trail is not only easy to walk but stunning in nature, making it one of Whistler's must-sees. This trail is both family and pet friendly. Hiking poles are not necessary.

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