• Samuel De Sira

Moraine Lake Rockpile Trail

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Endurance Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 0.8km

Type: Viewpoint/ Out & Back

Time: 5-10 minutes

Elevation Gain: 7m

Not a hike by any means, but still a trail! This easy trail is located at Moraine Lake and offers an absolutely iconic view of this stunning lake. You'll find the trail on the left-hand side of the car park. Just follow the trail up a "rockpile" (it will be easy to spot due to the influx of tourists often present), and enjoy the views when you're up the top. Be sure to bring your camera and best lens, the view is mesmerising and the photos you will get from this viewpoint will surely be your new wallpaper. I've visited the lake on both a clear and rainy day and it was a unique experience both times.

You can also sneak down lower to the shoreline via the rough trails you'll be able to see below you, however this section is much more steep and there is plenty of loose rock, not ideal to take children or pets unless confident. It is cool however to go down to the shore and skim rocks along the lake. According to one of my mates: "Moraine has the best skimming rocks in the world". He wasn't wrong.

There is also a Moraine shoreline trail which you can follow if you want to spend more time in this gorgeous place. This easy trail is 2.9km long and the elevation gain comes in at 162m.

Hiking poles not necessary.

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