• Samuel De Sira

Maligne Canyon Loop Trail

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Endurance Difficulty: Easy/moderate

Distance: 3.4km

Type: Loop

Time: 1 - 1.5 hours

Elevation Gain: 118m

A heavily trafficked loop trail located near Jasper, Alberta. The Maligne Canyon loop trail is a quick and easy trail that offers stunning views of the Maligne canyon. This natural wonder is stunning and the trail is appropriate for families and pets alike.

I have visited this site in both winter and summer, and can honestly say both have their attractions. It is very cool to see frozen sections in winter, with a much more quiet canyon, however it is ideal to visit in summer as the flowing water is mesmerising. Also, the track is much easier to navigate when dry.

The trail features several bridges you can cross and there are several cut-backs that allow you to cut the trek short if you wish. The route is fairly easy however there are some steep sections getting to viewpoints etc., hence the easy/moderate rating for endurance.

Hiking boots are not necessary as this is a tourist attraction and hence not a tough trek. Hiking poles not necessary either.

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