• Samuel De Sira

Edge of the World

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Endurance Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 1.1km

Type: Out & Back

Time: 20 minutes

Elevation Gain: 71m

A short trail located in Jasper, Alberta. This trail is more a viewpoint than hike but it is well worth the view. The hardest part about this trail is actually locating it. Something of a well-kept secret, this trail is located on the road up to Marmot Basin. To locate the trail use the AllTrails app as a guide and park just before where the trailhead starts (there is a pullout). The trail is located just before you turn left to enter Marmot Basin ski area; you'll see "no parking" signs where the trailhead is located. As stated before, park just before this section where there is no signage to avoid a fine.

The trail is located just behind the barrier on your right at the apex of the corner. Follow a rough trail that is flat until you reach the edge of the cliff - mind your step, and welcome to the "Edge of the World".

Be sure to bring Bear Spray, there is often sightings in the area. Hiking poles are not necessary.

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