• Samuel De Sira

East End of Rundle

Technical Difficulty: Advanced

Endurance Difficulty: Advanced

Distance: 5.6km

Type: Out & Back

Time: 3 to 4 hours

Elevation Gain: 877m

Located near Canmore, Alberta, the East end of Rundle hike is a popular spot for avid hikers and fitness junkies alike. Despite being a tough hike that is demanding in both physical endurance and technique, the views certainly outweigh the effort. The hike is relatively steep from bottom to top, with a few spots to break and enjoy the views on the way up. Although scrambling experience is recommended, you can certainly learn to scramble for your first time here if you are physically fit and confident in your own ability.

To reach the top you will need to climb and scramble. Hikers should be aware that there is lots of small/medium loose rock nearing the last third of the ascent, and should be aware of others around them so as not to injure themselves or others with the accidental displacement of loose rocks Give yourself space between other hikers when ascending and descending the trail. Caution and common sense are paramount for safely completing this hike.

The descent can be quite difficult with loose rock acting as a hazard on the steep slopes; ensure you take your time and even slide on your backside in sections if needed. If bringing a backpack and/or camera equipment pack lightly. Ensure you have a sturdy backpack that will soften camera equipment if any slip or fall occurs. I hiked the route with my Lowepro Fastpack which I cannot recommend enough for day hikes. If wanting to take one lens I would recommend something around 28-70mm to capture the entirety of views from above.

Hiking poles: Recommended, however can be completed without. Would certainly aid on the way coming down.

Certainly one of my favourite treks and one I would consider completing again if given the opportunity. The views here are world class.

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